Battery Desulfator from Japan - Nanopulser PG-12S, PG-12N, PG-24S, PG-24N. For lead-acid battery [Japanese]
Battery Desulfator from Japan [Nanopulser PG-12S, PG-12N, PG-24S, PG-24N] The lead-acid battery can revive and extend the battery life by Pulse Technology
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Battery Desulfator / バッテリー再生延命器
Pulse Technology for the lead-acid battery. 鉛バッテリーのためのパルステクノロジー

The reason why the lead battery becomes
shorter life.
Japanese battery desulfator resolves the
reason and enhances the battery power.
Nanopulser prolongs the battery life.

Japanese battery desulfator - Click Here

■JAF releases the road service data

Japan Automobile Federation which is called JAF is the road service system in Japan. It's similar to AAA in USA. This federation releases the road service data every year.

■JAF(Japan Automobile federation) - Road service data in Japan 2007

[The total of automobile and motorcycle]
- 2007
City 2,618,581
Highway 123,667
Total 2,742,248
Duration: from 2007-04-01 to 2008-03-31
Battery trouble
- Road service Troubles Percentage(%)
1 Flat battery 940,370 34.95
2 Leave key in the car 418,803 15.56
3 Flat tire, burst tire 286,934 10.66
4 Run off 182,855 6.80
5 Traffic accident 161,065 5.99
6 Lack of fuel 96,252 3.58
7 Broken battery 66,245 2.46
8 Alternator 43,446 1.61
9 Starter motor 28,019 1.04
10 Transmission 17,425 0.65
Other 449,541 16.71
Total of automobile 2,690,955 100.00
- Road service Troubles Percentage(%)
1 Flat battery 11,968 23.33
2 Flat tire, burst tire 6,441 12.56
3 Leave key in the safety box 5,607 10.93
4 Traffic accident 4,177 8.14
5 Lack of fuel 3,466 6.72
6 Alternator 1,062 2.07
7 Spark plug 1,033 2.01
8 Carburetor 1,029 2.01
9 Broken battery 763 1.49
10 Handle lock 755 1.47
Other 15,012 29.27
Total of motorcycle 51,293 100.00
2,793 vehicles are rescued by JAF every day in Japan.

■Life of the lead-acid battery

BMW car battery
Starter battery
Deep cycle battery
Deep cycle battery
The lead-acid battery is in use various purpose all over the world. There are many types of the lead-acid batteries such as car, motorcycle batteries and deep cycle batteries.

As you know, basically these lead-acid batteries are not permanent parts. It's a common sense for us that the lead-acid battery should be replaced periodically. However, just a moment please.

The lead-acid battery has over 100 years history since it was invented. Probably it had already reached to perfection. In spite of the long history, the lead-acid battery doesn't have a long lifetime.

In general, it is said that the lead-acid battery should be replaced every 2 to 3 years still now. Actually the battery might become useless in 1 to 2 years under the hard condition. Although the lead-acid battery has over 10 decades, it has not a long lifetime still now. Why?

For instance, nowadays the car parts have a long lifetime.

  • The spark plug has a long lifetime.
  • The radiator has also long lifetime.
  • The fan belts have also long lifetime.
  • The body painting has also long durability.
Nowadays, the car parts have a long durability. If the vehicles are checked up periodically, it has over 10 years and 60,000 miles durability. In spite of them, the lead-acid battery has a short lifetime. Why?

We have a common sense that the lead-acid battery should be replaced periodically. Therefore, we wouldn't pay attention about the battey life deelply.
The truth is that the lead-acid battery has destined phenomenon which makes the battery life shorter.

■Why does the lead-acid battery become useless?

In fact, the high quality lead-acid battery has almost 10 years durability.
For instance,

  • The car battery can work for 6 to 7 years on rare occasions.
  • The fork-lift battery can work for 8 to 9 years on rare occasions.
Although it is said that the car battery should be replaced every 2 to 3 years, why can the car battery be used over 6 years on rare occasions? Moreover, what is the real durability of the lead-acid battery?

Ok, open the battery box and I show you the element plate of the lead-acid battery below.

New element plate of the lead-acid battery
New element plate
New element plate
The new element plate has a spongy shape. This shape has a large area for the chemical change. Therefore, the new element plate can make the chemical change smoothly.

1. Charging efficiency is high.
2. The battery can save the electricity fully.
3. Discharging power is high.
Yes ! ...The lead-acid battery outputs high power.

Old element plate in the lead-acid battery
Covered with sulfation
Covered with Sulfation
The crystallized "Sulfation"covers over the element plate. Sulfation means the lead sulfate (PbSO4).
This substance makes the battery life shorter !

This substance does not carry the electricity. The surface of the element plate has a high resistance by this condition, therefore, the old element plate cannot make the chemical change smoothly.

1. Charging efficiency is low.
2. The battey cannot save the electricity fully.
3. Discharging power is low.
No...The lead-acid battery outputs low power.

■Sulfation makes worse the battery condition

Sulfation makes the battery power down and worse the condition.

carIn case of the vehicle
  • The starter motor doesn't run well.
  • The power windows move slowly.
  • The head light beam gets dark.
  • The battery fluid tends to evaporate in the short term.
Battery fork-liftIn case of the electric vehicle
  • The running time is short.
  • The motor power decreases.
  • The battery tends to heat up.
Although the lead acid battery is charged, it does not work well.

If the Sulfation problem is resolved by advanced technology, we can prolong the battery life and improve battery reliability.
In fact, Japan has an effective technology in order to resolve the sulfation problem therefore, we introduce below.

■Pulse technology cleans up inside of the lead-acid battery

The mechanism of the Japanese pulse technoogy - Nanopulser
Resolve the sulfation [PbSO4] into Pb and SO4 : Frequency 10,000Hz(Appling for patent)
Before After
Old battery outputs low power
Eliminate the Sulfation by Nanopulser
Battery revives gradually
[Old battery]

The battery power is low.
[Output the pulse wave
into the battery]

Resolve the sulfation
[Revive the battery]

The battery revives and
prolongs the lifetime.
*Image of the Pulse Technology

Pulse Technology inside
■Stage 1 - Sulfation is resolved into Pb and SO4

Japanese battery desulfator which is "Nanopulser" outputs the special pulse wave(10,000Hz) into the lead-acid battery. Then sulfation(PbSO4) is resolved into Pb (lead) and SO4 (sulfric acid) gradually. This pulse wave is very weak, therefore, this technology never attack the element plates and it's a safety system for the lead-acid batteries.

■Stage 2 - Sulfation melts down

Sulfation is resolved into Pb and SO4. Then Pb and SO4 ion melt down into the battery fluid. They never deposit at the bottom of the battery.

Some of the desulfators vibrate the element plates and remove sulfation, therefore, they damege to the element plates and the battery fluid gets muddy.

■Stage 3 - The lead-acid battery revives by charging repeatedly

When the lead-acid battery is charged, Pb ion goes back to the element plates and SO4 ion melts down into the battery fluid. Then 2H2So4(Sulfuric acid) is generated. After that, the acid density of the battery fluid and maximum voltage goes up gradually. Finally the battery performance goes up.

Acid density - This means the density of the battery fluid. The new lead-acid battery has 1.28 acid density.


The element plates always keep fresh and finally the battery life can extend by Japanese pulse system. The high quality lead-acid battery has a long durability physically. Therefore, the lead-acid battery can work until the last of the element plates and output the stable power.

■System flow

Clean up the sulfation on the element plates

Prevent the sulfation

Extend the battery life

The lead-acid battery can revive and extend the life.

■The keyword is acid density

The keyword is "acid density".

Yes, it's a weight of the battery fluid although this word comes up on the textbook in the school.
Density tester
Density tester
For instance, "water" density is almost "1.0" and "seawater" is a little bit heavy than the water.

On the other hand, the lead-acid battery contains the sulfuric acid (2H2SO4) which is heavy than the water and seawater. The new battery whose acid density is "1.28".
So, you can check up the battery condition by the "density tester".

This density is going down year after year and never goes up. However,

Step 1 - Install the Nanopulser to the lead-acid battery.
Step 2 - Drive vehicle or charge battery repeatedly.
Step 3 - The acid density goes up gradually and it will be properly.

This means the acid density recovers to the good condition. If you have a density tester, check it out.

Press Release

・Car parts magazine
Nanopulser was introduced on the "Car goods magazine/2006June".

・Car parts magazine
Nanopulser was introduced on the "Eco goods magazine/2006July".

・Car parts magazine
Nanopulser was introduced on the "Car goods magazine/2006November".

・Car goods magazine
Nanopulser was introduced on the "Car goods magazine/2007March".

■Owners' impressions

Device Owner Vehicle Date
Nanopulser PG-12S Hukushima city Hukushima
Mr. Kyo
BMW 118i M-Sports
Battery: BOSCH 55Ah 90RC

Nanopulser PG-12S & BMW 118i M-sports
It has been a month since I installed Nanopulser and the following are my observations on the changes.

My car is my daily driver but the distance to my office is quite short. So taking advantage of summertime, I usually ride my bike to work. Hence, the car has no regular charging of its battery. For my previous car, I had been changing out the battery every 3 years, and with the low cranking power for my present car, I thought it was time to change out...

It was very simple to install the Nanopulser product. I can observe that the battery was improving the next day after installation. This was confirmed after checking the voltage before and after installation of the Nanopulser. Voltage had steadily increased to 12.7v after the third day. This would also mean that I don’t have to use external chargers anymore to maintain battery status.

Next I felt that the car had better low end torque and engine response. I can’t think of a more logical explanation except for the fact that maybe the alternator load has decreased due to a more efficient battery. As an added bonus, according to some other car owners, the audio quality from my factory sound system seems to have improved!

If truly the battery life has been extended, I'd be most happy because the cost of the BMW replacement battery is very expensive. Moreover, the Nanopulser is an ecological device which helps improve the environment which is praiseworthy. It will be getting cold here soon and I’m glad to have Nanopulser on my car now...
I will be using it for a long time to come...

Device Owner Vehicle Date
Nanopulser PG-12N Toyohira-ku Sapporo city
Mr. 4WD owner in Hokkaido
OPTIMA Yellow top4.2L

Nanopulser PG-12N & ISUZU wizard 3.0 diesel
The Nanopulser device is great!

I sometimes travel for over a month throughout the year for my business, so my car is mostly parked at home without use. And usually by the time I’m back, the battery will be almost flat...

This car has a diesel engine with common rail direct injection design. When turning over the engine, the starter motor has to run a couple of seconds. Moreover being in the northern part of Japan where it’s cold most of the time, it's hard work for the car battery.

Then I got myself an OPTIMA yellow top which is a deep cycle battery (AGM). But it has been 3 years since and this battery has experienced deep discharge for over 10 times. Even though this OPTIMA battery can be reused after jumpstarting and charged, there are still some problems with my car.

For example :
*The car radio station memory will automatically reset itself.
*Whenever the engine starts, the CD player initiates the first track available.
*The remote control key fob doesn't work properly.
*While the engine is idling, the dome lights flickers.
*The head lights turn dim.

It seems the battery voltage was low.

When this happened a few times, I was considering replacing the OPTIMA battery but OPTIMA is expensive for me to repurchase. Then I found this Nanopulser device and decided to try it out.

After installation, the LED of the Nanopulser PG-12N was red. I drove for 50km (31miles) and LED turned green. But the LED showed red again the next day when I checked. Probably this battery has too much sulfation already...

After that I went on a business trip again for about 1 month, came back home and checked the battery again. The LED showed red, but this time my car could start the engine, even after having parked the car for 1 month! After that, I drove a long distance to recharge the battery and the LED turned green. The LED has been showing green till today.

The previous problems I faced has been resolved and everything works well now and car electronics stabilized.... the remote control key also works well now. It's great and this takes away the headache of using a charger for me.

In fact, I have one more OPTIMA battery which is 6 years old now. This battery has also been successfully reconditioned by Nanopulser so I save money!

Device Owner Vehicle Date
Nanopulse PG-12S Cyuuou-ku Tokyo
Mrs. Yuki Hyoukou
TOYOTA Estima Hybrid
Battery: 75D23R

Nanopulser PG-12S & TOYOTA Estima Hybrid
Hi there. My name is Yuki and I'm a anime artist working in Tokyo. I usually drive around the city in my lovely TOYOTA ESTIMA Hybrid.

During my last servicing six months ago, the dealer said my car’s battery required changing. I did not change the battery since and I feel the car is a little sluggish and low on power these days...

Even though the ESTIMA hybrid has a Ni-MH battery pack which is durable for extended use, the 12V lead acid battery has to be replaced periodically for optimum driving efficiency.

I was searching around for a cheap replacement battery in the internet and I came across this Nanopulser product. If my 12V battery can be reconditioned by this device, then I feel it is a great bargain, isn't it? So I ordered a PG-12S and it was delivered to my home the next day. I think High Grove and our local logistics is simply great!

When I asked my husband if he could help me install this new device, he said he could do it for me over the weekend. But I was eager to have the new product installed as soon as I can, so I decided to fix it myself.
Well... the installation was finished in 10 minutes with my daughter watching me work in the trunk area...

After that my daughter started crying so I took care of her for an hour in the house. Following that, I returned to the car for checking and saw there was no light from the LED.

I then cranked the engine and it started smoothly and the air conditioner was working stably! It seems the Nanopulser is beginning to have effect on the battery now. I feel this device should be installed on all car owners’ batteries.

Device Owner Vehicle Date
Nanopulse PG-24S Sakai city Hukui
TOYOTA Land Cruiser 70 4.2D
115D31R×2 (24V)

Nanopulser PG-12S & TOYOTA Land Cruiser 70 4.2D
TOYOTA Land Cruiser has two batteries connected in series (24V). It's been 100 days since I installed the Nanopulser, and I find the battery condition getting better and it's easy to start engine. I feel this is a good device.

These batteries have been in service since one and a half years ago. One battery measured 12.2V, which indicated required charging. The other one was measured at 12.5V. When the engine was killed, PG-24S didn't work because of the detected low voltage.

After installation, I drove 300 km. The indicator changed into green, but stopped. I measured voltage at 12.3V for one battery.

After 45 days, I found some changes. The battery voltage is always over 12.5V and the indicator showed green. Moreover PG-24S continued working even after the engine was killed. It's easy to start the engine now and I feel that the low end torque has improved.

Now both batteries output 12.8V individually.

It took a while to recondition the two batteries because these batteries had low power and too much sulfation to start with. If I had chosen to replace these batteries at the retail store, it would have cost me ¥60,000 (US$600). I really appreciate this device which works and has cost benefits to me. I have just ordered another two more Nanopulsers. One is for my second car and the other is for my friend.

Device Owner Vehicle Date
Nanopulser PG-24S Kamiedo Kanigunmitakecyo Gifu
Mr. KT
MAZDA TITAN dumper truck2t
Year: 1993 ODO, 225,000km

Nanopulser PG-24S and MAZDA TITAN
These batteries have been working for the last three years and I felt that they were having low voltage at the end of last year. I use this truck daily on the job, so the batteries are constantly working hard in harsh conditions.

If I wanted to replace these two batteries, the cost would have been well over ¥40,000 (US$400). Therefore I browsed over the internet looking for batteries when I saw this "Nanopulser" product.

I had used a chemical addictive for the lead battery before, but I felt it was more of a placebo effect. I was wondering if Nanopulser could be the same. I was thinking of replacing my two batteries at the car parts store on February when they start their season-end sale but my car radio unit and the power windows suddenly stopped working….

Then I remembered the Nanopulser device at that time. It was within my budget to buy it and if the owners' testimonials are indeed true, then my battery problem can be solved as well! Finally I decided to order the Nanopulser PG-24S.

Installation was easy but my batteries were dying and almost flat. When I started engine, the starter motor didn't run. Initially, I was disappointed....but I changed my mind and prepared the electric heater to heat up the batteries as it may have been frozen. After 2 hours, I tried again and the engine could start, however, Nanopulser LED didn't work I think because of the low voltage reading. I tell myself "It is a good sign and never give up!"

After 3 hours of engine idling, the LED started blinking (Yahoo!). I stopped the engine after that. The next morning, the engine could crank start even though the temperature was -3 degrees the night before! Nanopulser had only been working for only 4 days but I observed that the battery voltage has gone up and continues to improve even after that (awesome!).

I have introduced this device to my friends and I feel that truck manufacturers should adopt this device at their factories. Even though I think it's not easy for them to include Nanopulser for their trucks, I remain hopeful they will.

*Above owners installed Nanopulser to the normal batteries properly. If the lead battery is physically damaged, Nanopulser cannot work properly.

More than 50 Nanopulser owners' impressions - Check it out (by Google translator)

The lead-acid battery can revive & extend the life!
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■The lead-acid battery can revive

Use Fit Duration of going up
the acid density
Motorcycle battery Nanopulser PG-12S (For 12V) 10 to 14 days
Small & medium car battery Nanopulser PG-12S (For 12V) 2 to 4 weeks
Large & SUV car battery Nanopulser PG-12S (For 12V)
3 weeks to 1month
Sub-battery for campervan Nanopulser PG-12S (For 12V) Ap. 1month
4WD & SUV car battery Nanopulser PG-12S/24S (For 12V & 24V) Ap. 1month
Medium truck Nanopulser PG-24S (For 24V) 3 weeks to 1month
Large truck Nanopulser PG-24S (For 24V) 3 weeks to 1month
EV (Electronic vehicle)
12V deep cycle battey*2
Nanopulser PG-24N (For 24V) 3 weeks to 1month

*The duration of going up the acid density depends on the battery condition
and the frequency of driving (charging)

*The acid density goes up by driving (charging the battery) repeatedly.

*ECU(Engine Control Unit) and accessories consume the tiny electric current
while the vehicles stop. The acid density goes up after starting engine or
charging the battery.

■Starter battery can revive and prolong the lifetime

Revive (Go up the acid density) the starter battery and extend the life
Resolve the Sulfation even the used lead-acid battery
The new battery can keep fresh condition
Stable battery power under the high load
Easy to start engine under the low to high temperature
Brighten the headlights beam
Stable battery power even air conditioner on
Electric car accessories work stably
Enhance the performance of the car audio & AV system
Prevent the battery flat on the drive scene
Prevent the battery aging for the idle stop cars
Prevent the battery aging for the auto on headlights cars and motorcycles
Easy battery maintenance - Evaporation of the battery fluid goes down
The load of alternator goes down

Three NO

Not all lead-acid batteries can revive and extend the battery life. Of course, this Japanese technology cannot work well on the physical damaged batteries. Would you give us your understanding, please.

・The element plates are damaged under the lack of battery fruid.
・The lead-acid battery gat a shock physically and element plates and separators are damaged.
・The element plates and separators have physical problems such as corrosion, collapse and short-circuiting.

■Five evolutions of Nanopulser

Nanopulser - Battery Desulfator from Japan
Enhance the battery power and extend the battery life.

Evo.1 - Compact body

Nanopulser - The lead-acid battery desulfator
PG-12S(N) (For 12V) $90.00(USD)
PG-24S(N) (For 24V) $120.00(USD)
Nanopulser series have handy size body. It's easy to install on the any machines. Moreover,

・EMC test
・VCCI checked
・High temperature test
・Low temperature test
・Vibration test
・Shock test

Evo.2 - Built-in battery checker (M.F.L.)

M.F.L./Multi Function LED shows the real-time battery voltage.

Evo.3 - 4 line-ups & 5 line-ups

4 line-ups for 12V & 24V batteries. Moreover 5 line-ups is ready for over 36V batteries.(Contact us)

Evo4. - Frequency is 10,000Hz

Nanopulser outputs special pulse wave into the lead-acid battery. Frequency is 10,000Hz.

Evo.5 - Built-in 2 types A.C.O.

Nanopulser PG-12S(N) and PG-24S(N) with a built-in A.C.O.(Auto Cut Off).

Built-in A.C.O. function Use
PG-12S(For12V) & PG-24S(For 24V) - ECO model - Starter battery mainly
PG-12N(For12V) & PG-24N(For 24V) - Wideranging model - Deep cycle battery mainly

All made in Japan

All Nanopulser series are assembled by NNP electricity co., ltd. in Shizuoka Japan.

The lead-acid battery can revive & extend the life!
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■FAQ of Nanopulser

Q1: Can I charge the battery with a Nanopulser by the charger?
Q2: Can I use the quick charger with a Nanopulser?

A1: You can charge the battery with a Nanopulser. It doesn't matter.
A2: Although it doesn't matter for the Nanopulser, the lead-acid battery will be damaged by the quick charging. Basically we don't recommend it for the lead acid battery.

Can I feel any change after installing the Nanopulser?

We have been having the impressions from the owners who say that the starter motor runs easily by the Nanopulser.

Which type is the best selection PG-12S ore PG-12N for the 12V starter batteries?

We recommend PG-12S for the 12V car and motorcycle batteries.

Some of the trucks have 2 batteries on the side of the body. Can be the Nanopulser installed on the batteries? I'm worry about the water and dust.

It doesn't matter. Nanopulser is water-proofed.

I have some lead-acid batteries in my garade. I'm going to remove Sulfation by the Nanopulser and charger. Which type is the best selection "S" or "N"type?

"N" type is better selection because "N" type is a wideranging model.

I have a question about my campervan which has 2 deep cycle batteries in parallel. Which type should I select?

Install a Nanopulser PG-12N to the 12V battery. (PG-12N can work on the gel type battery.)

I'm interested in the history of the battery desulfator.

At first, the battery desulfator was invented in US over 10 years ago. However it outputs strong pulse wave into the lead-acid battery.

This system removes Sulfation by the strong pulse wave in a short time, it has some problems for the lead-acid batteries.

・The element plates might be attacked and dameged by the strong pulse wave.
・Removed Sulfation deposit at the bottom of the battery.
・This system consumes high current and outputs system noise.

As you know, the lead-acid battery consists of the element plates which are made of lead. Lead is a soft metal, therefore, safety system was invented in Japan.

The lead-acid battery can revive & extend the life!
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